running gifts for her

You know those mornings when your cherished one rolls out of bed, treads over the very cold floor to suit up for a six-mile run in the freezing pre-dawn air? They’re nuts, and by no means should you get out of bed and join them. Instead, just buy them some gifts that will help them continue to put one foot in front of the other.

Speaking of feet, you’ll notice we didn’t pick any shoes. Footwear is an extremely personal choice, and serious athletes take part in a lot of trial-and-error testing to choose their shoes. It’s likely that your runner already has some (or three) that they love anyway, so just get this stuff instead.

Mizuno Women’s Breath Thermo Jacket

It’s getting chilly and damp out there. In case your loved one will keep their conditioning up all winter long, they’ll need a protective outer layer to beat the elements. This lightweight women’s jacket from Mizuno ($150) is perfect for those icy conditions. Woven into the fabric is a technical yarn that keeps heat inside. Her core will stay cozy as she cuts through the wind such as a rocket.

Aqua Quest Kona Pouch

This little pouch clips across the waist. Much hipper than a fanny pack, and far more useful. It holds a phone, shades, keys, energy gel, sunscreen, a wad of cash, vape, whatever. And it’s really resistant to water, sweat, rain, and sports drinks. Your runner will utilize it year-round. $23

District Vision Keiichi

Eyewear company District Vision was founded by runners, and that is more or less the only demographic the company serves. They know how to make some killer running shades. The frame on the Keiichi ($199) is manufactured mostly of rubber, but there’s titanium included to the places where it matters most: the temple tips, hinges, and nose pads. The purple lens was created to offer better visibility in varying light, like when the long afternoon shadows get all chiaroscuro on the sidewalk.

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Maybe your loved one already has a pair of sunglasses they always run in. Well, then make them some Chums. These low-tech tethers could keep those sunnies where they belong. They’re especially handy after the first mile, when it’s simply a non-stop, slippery sweatfest the whole rest of the run. These things are cheap (under $10 online) so get a few. And they come in a few wild colors, even a tie-dye motif for Deadhead Dad. Visit running gifts for her to get more insight.

Icebreaker Anatomica Short Sleeve Shirt

Cotton sucks for running in the cold. You sweat, it sticks to you, and so you freeze. The natural thermoregulation of sweat-wicking wool is vastly better. Icebreaker’s 150-weight wool-blend shirt merges Merino sheep-fuzz with performance synthetics. It creates a perfect base layer in the winter, and it’s your loved one will be needing up top in the warmer months. $70.

Jaybird Freedom Wireless

If you’re looking for a slam-dunk gift, get these. Jaybird’s wireless earbuds are smaller than most, so they are able to fit a wider range of ear sizes. They’re also sleek and gender-neutral, not bulky and overly masculine. More importantly, they sound truly excellent. These are WIRED’s top sports earphones for 2016. $180

Beats Powerbeats3

Does your loved one have the new iPhone 7? This headset is the greatest match. Apple-owned Beats has updated its running headset with Cupertino’s most recent wireless chip-it offers seamless pairing with iOS handsets, and it offers the Powerbeats a phenomenal 12 hours of battery life. $200

V-Moda Forza

Jimmy’s fast on the course, but he’s slow to become listed on the wireless revolution. This is a great group of wired earphones for running. V-Moda’s Forza comes in a few different varieties, but this base model ($100) is the main one to get. The sound quality is stellar, and they’re sweat-proof. Removable ear-fins and hooks keep them in place. Pick a color, and select the version with in-line remote buttons for iOS or Android.

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Garmin Forerunner 235

One of the best GPS running watches, Garmin’s $330 Forerunner 235 measures a runner’s pace, tracks their heart rate, and maps each operate on a paired smartphone. Everything is customizable too-set the most well-liked heart rate zones, create a training regimen, and even redesign the watch face. It only must be charged about once a week.

Apple Watch Nike+

Cupertino’s wearable got an upgrade this year, and it’s now one of the very capable fitness trackers on the marketplace. They have GPS and a heart-rate monitor built in, and it runs hundreds of applications while displaying notifications coming in from the iPhone. This special edition ($369 and up) has been hyped by Nike. It has a unique band, a unique custom watch face, and it connects to Nike’s online running community. The perfect thing for the runner who’s all-in on the Nikeverse.

Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Mini Socks

Wool yarn really is a miracle for runners. Smartwool blends Merino wool with nylon and other synthetics to produce a stretchy, slightly cushioned, and supremely comfy running sock. $18

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

Most people consider these things torture devices, but a good roller is essential to keeping a runner’s leg and core muscles supple. Employ them for recovery and keep every thing activated on off-days. $36 gets you a roller and usage of TriggerPoint’s instructional videos. Work which it band!