personal trainer careers ideas

With obesity and excess body weight often imposing health concerns, there is a clear need for personal trainers. These professionals are often able to provide a more personalized experience for people who want to lose weight, as well as those who want to gain lean muscle mass. Personal trainers also play a part in other areas of fitness.

In this post, we look at some of the top benefits of becoming a Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainer through the official NCCA program or personal trainer careers ideas.

1. Ability to Learn at Your Own Pace

When it comes to obtaining an official NCCA national accreditation as a certified personal trainer, there is a variety of options that a person can choose from. With a course from the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT), you have the ability to complete the certification at your own pace. You decide when you have time to study, and there is no need to spend hours in traffic to get to a specific study center.

2. More Affordable than Some of the Other Certification Programs

Obtaining a credential as a personal trainer can be expensive, especially when attending a local university. For those without the funds to become certified through this process, alternative options are available and this includes obtaining an NCCA accredited certification through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT). This online certification platform ensures learning becomes more accessible to those who would like to take their career to the next level, but do not have access to the funds required. When you decide to obtain your certification through this platform, prices will start from as low as $., which is significantly lower compared to a course for this type of career at most of the alternative organizations.

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3. Officially Recognized Certification

Some people may be wary of obtaining this type of certification online, especially at the low cost. However, the certificate that is issued to the student after they have successfully completed a course is recognized through the entire country. This ensures that graduates can apply for appropriate positions and utilize the certification they earned from the National Council for Certified FITNESS TRAINERS (NCCPT) as proof their skillset.

4. Specialty Programs Available

If you are looking to be more specialized in terms of personal training, then the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) is a great option too. In addition to the standard fitness certification programs that are available, a number of specialty courses are usually also offered. This consists of courses for those interested in becoming a Flexibility Specialist, Weight Management Specialist, Senior Fitness Professional, Youth Fitness Specialist, Powerlifting Instructor and/or a Kickboxing Instructor, amongst others.

5. Equips You with the abilities to Adopt a Lucrative Career

Personal trainers come in high demand today, with thousands of people looking to reach specific goals when it comes to their body and fitness. Thus, by firmly taking up this course and becoming certified, you equip yourself with the abilities that are needed to adopt a career that will undoubtedly be lucrative.


Earning an NCCA nationally accredited certification provides a person, who wishes to become a professional, proof their skills, making their offerings to clients more trustworthy a goodd authentic. The National Council for Certified FITNESS TRAINERS (NCCPT) has the most NCCA nationally accredited certifications with five certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Accredited Yoga Instructor and Certified WEIGHT TRAINING Specialist. These certifications are excellent options for those people who are struggling to attend full-time classes and who want to work on their own pace toward the certification.

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